Is It Better to Do Morning Yoga Before or After Breakfast? 4 Tips (2024)

Morning Yoga

There are so many different styles of yoga – from hatha to vinyasa, from ashtanga to kundalini – and it is easier to choose your favorite one than deciding whether it is better to eat before the session or after.

In general, a full stomach may prevent you from performing some challenging exercises, but if you’re very hungry, it may be impossible to focus on your breathing and movements.

Yogis are, in general, split into two groups – those who will always exercise first and then drink their coffee and have some breakfast, and the others who will do the opposite thing. The catch is – they’re both right! Why? Because everyone knows their body best and knows how to act accordingly.

According to, extreme yoga poses will require more power, focus, and energy, especially yoga for two. Knowing these things, we can focus on our topic even better.

Team Empty Stomach

Yoga on An Empty Stomach

The empty-stomach yogis won’t start their day without saluting the sun. That way, they kickstart the metabolism, preparing the body for the daily challenges.

Also, your stomach won’t gurgle and distract you while doing challenging poses. As a result, you can get most of the session and then enjoy the breakfast.

Team Breakfast

These people can’t even start their day without food. Some yogis need food to avoid being lightheaded. We must note that a heavy breakfast high in fats and calories may not be the best choice. A light snack before the session is a better solution.

Also, challenging poses require energy, so you won’t faint while standing on one leg and balancing with your shoulders.

Tips on Having Successful Yoga Training (No Matter What Team You Belong To)

One of the main rules when practicing yoga (it applies to any activity, too) is to always listen to your body. Why? Your body will tell you everything you need to know about yourself. If you don’t feel like eating, don’t do that.

But let’s take one step at a time and cover the most important tips on the decision of whether to eat before yoga or after:

Successful Yoga Training tips

1. Listen to Your Body’s Clock

We’re all built differently, and it would be really boring if everyone accepted one routine as a rule. You may want to wake up early in the morning and have some coffee or tea, and after that salute the sun. And your sister may wake up later, exercise, and eat after that. And you’ll both feel perfectly fine because your clock is not the same as hers.

2. Find the Best Way to Fuel Your Mornings

Most people feel groggy when waking up, and they can’t even think about neither exercising or eating. But we need some fuel, so it’s on you to decide what will turn on your system.

For some people, it’s coffee; for others, it’s their breakfast; and for you, it can be your favorite yoga. It’s important not to skip your routines and to stay energized through the whole day.

3. Stay Hydrated

No matter if you’re on a team empty stomach or a team breakfast, one thing applies to both groups – drinking enough water. Sometimes, you only need a sip of water to wake up and feel ready for the day.

Many people are thirsty after they wake up but confuse the feeling with hunger. Once you have a few sips of water, you’ll better decide whether you need some food or you can proceed with your yoga activities to relax and feel better.

4. It Depends on the Timing

Sometimes, the best decision depends on additional factors, like the time you wake up. If you wake up early in the morning, you can exercise immediately and then have breakfast and coffee. You can do the same if you’re more of a late sleeper.

If you’re planning on practicing yoga before breakfast, aim to do so at least 30 minutes after waking up, as it gives your body enough time to wake up fully. Or if you want to eat first, don’t practice yoga at least one hour after the meal. That way, you avoid being sick and feeling full “to the nose.”

How To Decide What Option is Better?

Should you do Yoga on an empty stomach

In general, the decision whether is better to practice yoga hungry or full depends on you only. Remember, no rules are set in stone, so you’re able to adapt the way it works best for you.

Still, here are some important things to consider:

  • Know your energy levels and decide what works best at the moment
  • Let yourself wake up fully before making any decision
  • Know your digestive system, too, as food processing depends on it
  • Avoid doing yoga on a full stomach if you have a sensitive digestive system

The most important thing to do is to listen to your body. Just because you prefer eating in the morning and then practicing yoga it doesn’t mean it would be forever like that.

So, what can you do?

It’s on you to experiment and adjust. You can try both options and see what works better for you. Try practicing yoga before breakfast for a few days and see how you feel. Then, switch to practicing after eating breakfast and compare the two experiences. Take note of any differences in your energy levels, focus, and overall well-being.

That way, you can estimate what makes you feel better. Remember, it’s normal for the preferences to change over time. That’s why you should be open to adjust to any changes in your routine.


Woman Eating a Banana Post Workout

As we can see, there is no right way to practice yoga. It all depends on your preferences and capabilities. If you prefer to be hungry while practicing the sun salutation and downward dog, there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe your yogi friends love the other way, and there is no place to be judgemental.

In the end, we all change, and what seems wrong right now will be completely fine in the future – and it applies to yoga too!