BYS Yoga Collective is a teacher-owned and operated yoga studio located on the South Side of Pittsburgh. We are a cooperative of instructors and practitioners. Together, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe and supportive space in which the community can practice yoga (since 2004!).

Our Mission

BYS Yoga Collective, LLC’s purpose is to embody the philosophy of yoga through its diverse styles of practice. We will strive to use the practices of yoga to nurture an intentional, accessible, and progressive community that is dedicated to its members as well as promoting support and service to our community partners. BYS Yoga Collective offers non-heated, accessible, cooperative, and uplifting classes aligned with the traditional roots of yoga. Within our studio environment, students are free to explore the depth of their practice. Students are invited to discover mindfulness, acceptance, non-judgment, and authenticity, and in turn, invite these qualities into their lives and communities. Yoga is a lifestyle, but it’s also the path to get there… BYS Yoga Collective offers a roadmap! New to yoga? Drop by for our introductory special! We have a well stocked studio with all the props you will need for your first class, including mats – just show up a few minutes early and we’ll get you set up. Been practicing for awhile? The breadth of knowledge of our instructors and their experiences will inspire you to deepen your practice and maybe even try something new! Recognizing and honoring the divine light within… NAMASTE.

In the News

  • Mindful Studio featured Paul Richards and the fun-filled Family Yoga class!
  • We were included in Fitt’s list of incredible places to practice yoga in Pittsburgh!
  • Our Friday night Benefit classes were highlighted by Whirl Magazine in October 2014.
  • BYS Outdoor Yoga Classes are featured on pg. 22 of the August 2011 issue of YOGA JOURNAL in an article titled “Outward Bound!”
  • The Sunday, July 25th 2010 issue of the Post Gazette featured an article about our OUTDOOR YOGA CLASSES!
  • We were honored to be named “best yoga studio” in the September 2007 issue of Pittsburgh Magazine.
  • Our special outdoor yoga class on Mount Washington made the front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Monday, August 27th 2007!
  • Breathe Outside: Yoga at SouthSide Works was featured on WTAE-Channel 4 in the summer of 2007.


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