Discover YOUR yoga practice at BYS Yoga! We know that yoga is a journey deeper than just physical movements and we believe that through education, everyone can experience its benefits! We strive to teach our students that their practice is much more than what occurs on a yoga mat or even within the walls of our studio, but it’s where most of us first encounter it and foster its growth. BYS Yoga offers accessible, cooperative, and uplifting classes aligned with the traditional roots of yoga. Within our studio environment, students are free to explore the depth of their practice – discovering mindfulness, acceptance, non-judgment, and authenticity, and in turn, inviting these qualities into their lives and communities. Yoga is a lifestyle, but it’s also the path to get there… BYS Yoga offers a roadmap! New to yoga? Drop by for our introductory special! We have a well stocked studio with all the props you will need for your first class, including mats – just show up a few minutes early and we’ll get you set up! Been practicing for awhile? The breadth of knowledge of our instructors and their experiences will inspire you to deepen your practice and maybe to try something new! Recognizing and honoring the divine light within… NAMASTE